Could balanced hormones mean more green lights and less red and yellow lights on the ladycomp?

Challenging the Paradigm

We are our bodies. What we do with our body matters. As this website unfolds, it will address the challenges we all face in the current medical paradigm in which find ourselves.

The reductionist view

The current medical paradigm often focuses on reducing a person down to a system, symptom or lab value. One such example can be seen in the fact that most fertility disorders, approximately 80% associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, have some degree of insulin-resistance. This focus leads to the low-carb and low-glycemic diets, along with diabetic drug treatments for certain fertility and other health conditions. Data shows these approaches most often give short-term gain and long-term problems. They don’t address the elevated cortisol, inflammatory and other stress substances or the multitude of contributing factors…the least of which is sugar! Low-glycemic diets ruin the metabolism over time…for most this can be as short as a few months.

When a patient presents with an irregular cycle, some practitioners prescribe the pill to make the cycle look normal. This “band-aid” covers up the problem, but does not address the underlying cause. The underlying conditions often worsen on the chemicals and problems go undiagnosed.

Fertility drugs may help boost your ovulation helping you to conceive, but again don’t correct the often underlying condition which remains. Studies suggest those who need to use fertility drugs have more problems with the pregnancy and the development of the baby, and there is a negative affect on the longterm health of the child. A University of California study suggests there may be an almost 300-fold increase in childhood disorders such as autism in those that use fertility treatments.
“What has caused them to be unable to conceive goes on to cause problems. It is as if a brick wall has stopped you becoming pregnant. Treatment allows you to climb over the wall, but it is still there and it goes on to cause problems.””
— Prof. Mary Croughan, University of California
It is best to restore your health and fertility before conceiving. It’s best to conceive naturally. Many have spent countless resources and valuable time on a multitude of treatments that have not helped, some resulting in more harm than good.

New perspectives

Evidenced-based research supports using diet, nutrients, protective substances & hormones to restore and maintain health while avoiding substances that are harmful. When you provide the right environment, the body can heal itself and restore balance. Many harmful things exist in foods and supplements we are marketed to as being ‘healthy’.

Several foods and environmental factors are hormone disruptors. Hormones act in minute amounts to cause significant harm. These exist in our personal care products, our own endogenous hormone levels, foods, lifestyle choices and supplements. For example, many who take what is marketed as a “healthy” supplement consume them in large amounts thinking they are good for them. I see many who think that because they are not healthy yet, they need even more, causing even further harm.

Ensuring you are getting adequate nutrients is key. Nutrients are best obtained from natural sources and from your foods. Traditional fertility diets throughout time the world over are rich in nutrient-dense foods such as butter, liver, shellfish and eggs. Our modern lifestyle, environment, marketing for the past several decades to discourage the use of nutrient dense foods, marketing to discourage sun exposure and to use harmful sunscreens, and many other things have contributed to an increase in fertility disorders. Experience comparing hormonal profiles in the clinical setting has given considerable discovery with regards to the key roles of: nutrients, saturated fats, daylight & sun exposure, protective hormones such as progesterone, pregnenolone and thyroid, the role of inflammation, stress, the immune system, restoring glucose regulation and metabolic rate.

I am inspired by the work of Ray Peat, PhD, as he has the larger overall picture. He does not reduce someone down to a lab value or system, but views the whole as “interdependent at every level”. This approach gives a basis for restoring health….for the long-term, alleviating problems of development and degeneration by using energy-protective materials. He introduced me to a wealth of researchers such as Hans Selye, Constance Martin, W.F. Koch, Szent-Gyrogyi, Mechnikov, Otto Warburg, Broda Barnes, Gilbert Ling, and many others.

These new perspectives focus on increasing the metabolism and decreasing stress. At the cellular level this means increasing the energy and respiration of the cell (mitochondria), while reducing inflammation and stress hormones. The body is then able to restore balance and stability, and heal itself when the proper environment is provided. Various extremely effective life-giving substances contribute to a supportive environment, many of which are simple and inexpensive.

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