About 6 years ago after starting this health process, I started doing some research on birth control pills. When I started reading the Maker’s Diet – I was taking them everyday. Hello Estrogen!
I started to get a little concerned that this was not a “healthy” thing for me – trying to regulate my hormones synthetically to make my body think it was pregnant…
So I started doing some research. I found that there are TONS of diseases linked to birth control pills – cancer being one of them! You can check out more dangers of birth control here from Dr.Mercola
If you are looking for a biblical stance on birth control you can check this out from Mark Driscoll.
With birth control pills being so common, the alternative options are hardly taught anymore, any many don’t realise that their birth control effectiveness is really great.
I looked into several different options, but chose to go with Lady Comp. It is a little computer with a basal temperature thermometer attached to it. Every morning you take your temperature and enter a few buttons – that’s it!
It uses a 3 color code (red, yellow, green) to tell you when you are fertile or not. If you are fertile and you choose to have sex, you need to use a non-pharmaceutical barrier method – like a condom or something you are comfortable with using.
Lady comp is obviously costly, but I quickly have made back my initial investment – I was spending anywhere from $15-$30 a month on birth control pills.
I also use fertility friend to chart my cycle. This is a free site and they even have a mobile app.
There are tons of other sites on techniques of testing yourself to see when you are fertile. I think it is good to be aware of your body and your cycle. The neat thing about using Lady comp – or it’s big brother, Baby comp – is that it can help you get pregnant when you decide it is time. We were able to get pregnant the first month of trying because I knew my cycle so well.
Think about your health and what matters to you – I would rather take my temperature every day than have any one of those diseases mentioned, and that is why I chose something different.

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