MUST WATCH AMAZING Video – Conception to Birth visualised

A short video with Alexander Tsiaras, internationally renowned technologist, artist, journalist, entrepreneur and author. This could be life changing!


A Ladycomp Info Commercial put together by Valley Electronics in the USA. The website mentioned at the end is the American one.


Abuse is NOT ok! Abuse can take many forms, not just physical, and it is NOT ok! Abuse is something that is misused, and it is NOT ok! There is always HOPE, where there is HUMILITY, EMOTIONAL HONESTY, COURAGE and FORGIVENESS amongst other things!

Menstrual Cup for your PERIOD & SAVE SAVE SAVE!

At Ladycomp Australia we CONDUCTED A SURVEY to find out if our customers would like to be able to access good quality products for the times when they have their PERIODS and also those RED LIGHT days. So, in keeping with trying to be NATURAL, one of our customers suggested MENSTRUALCUP.CO Well, we checked out their site and decided to AFFILIATE WITH THEM. Here's some of the things YOU can...

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