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We all love it; it’s great for our bodies and minds.

BUT, for those of us who aren’t ready for the pitter patter of little feet, sex comes with the responsibility of protecting against unplanned pregnancy!

For years I was on the pill and things were great; I was never subject to any side effects. There were no changes to my weight, my skin was great and my moods weren’t affected. BUT after a breakup, I went off the pill; then things rapidly hit the skids!!!!

I spotted for almost 2 MONTHS straight, my moods were likened to those of Cruella DeVille and my skin broke out- despite my best efforts to eat healthy and exercise!!!

Alarmingly, my experience isn’t in the minority, nor is it among the most severe. It’s funny how women have just accepted the fact that we HAVE to be on the pill; and with that we accept the side effects of coming off of it.

But what happens when the pill can hurt you?

The pill Yasmin and its sister pill Yaz have been in the news for some time now; as fears over the staggeringly high percentage of blot cots occurring in women who take these two pills have been surfacing; with girls as young sixteen experiencing life threatening clots caused by this brand of birth control. And although my experience wasn’t quite as harrowing, it would seem that we females aren’t left with much choice.


A Solution that works WITH the Body – not against it!

Something new on the market that is really worth a try is called the Lady-Comp.


99.3% Effective, clinically supported
Hormone and Latex FREE
Based on your morning temperature, taken orally, the fertility computer determines your fertile days and shows when you are ovulating by recording, analyzing and storing your menstrual cycle data. It monitors your daily status of fertility and will alert you on the days when intercourse may lead to pregnancy: on the day you ovulate – and the five days before ovulation. And, I know what you’re thinking, does it work? I mean the margin for error is what I would call VERY narrow; but the answer is YES, a loud and resounding YES IT DOES WORK; the Lady Comp is 99.3% effective- that’s right up there with the pill and condoms.

But you mama wannabes aren’t left out; the Lady Comp doubles as a fertility monitor. So when the time comes, the Lady-Comp can then be upgraded to a fertility monitor with the Lady-Comp Baby planning software. Or, you could get the Baby-Comp with the planning software all ready to go.
When I first heard about the Lady Comp, it gave me butterflies. I consider everything that goes into my body, from the food I eat to the supplements I take- even when I’ve had one too many cocktails, I’ve considered the hangover that will follow. But there has always been something about birth control that gives me reservations; especially after the experience I had coming off of it. So to find a product that makes natural family planning the real deal, as opposed to archaic and ineffective, is something that I think all women should all be very excited about.
As Effective As The Pill; Without The Side Effects
The Lady Comp was given a 0.7 in what is called the Pearl Index. The Pearl Index is the most common technique used in clinical trials for reporting the effectiveness of a birth control method; a Pearl Index of 0.7 means that this 100-percent natural method is 99.3 percent effective.

Regardless of how you feel about natural birth control, and regardless of whether you are on the pill, the patch or the ring, this is worth taking a look at. Whenever possible we should endeavor to minimize the amount of drugs entering into our bodies. This benefits us in so many ways; improved skin, stabilized weight and mood control that comes from leaving our bodies to be. The Lady Comp is an amazing tool that empowers women to take our reproductive health seriously, the way nature intended.

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