HOW TO GET BIRTH CONTROL – Sex for Pregnancy: When and how often!

No one wants love making to become a chore. Learn to maximize your sex during your most fertile time period so the rest of the month you can keep your sex life spontaneous and impulsive. Because at the end of the day, how often you have sex is not nearly as important as having sex at the right time.
Sex During the Fertile Window
A women is fertile for only a few hours each cycle. Add those hours to the lifespan of the man’s sperm and you have a fertile window of roughly five or six days. Many couples’ attempts to conceive are unsuccessful simply because they are having sex when getting pregnant is unlikely or even impossible.
Its simple. Couples who know when they are fertile and use this information to time their intimacy accordingly are more likely to get pregnant than those who don’t. This knowledge alleviates the pressure that couples experience when they feel they “have to” have sex almost every day in order to increase their chances at conception. When you have the confidence to time your intimacy perfectly, you can have sex as often as you’d like. Some doctors do recommend having sex every other day within the fertile window for the maximum probability of becoming pregnant.
But because ovulation occurs hidden, deep within your body, it can be difficult to identify exactly when it takes place. Luckily, child planning monitors such as Babycomp display and forecast when you are fertile and ovulating based on your personal cycle data. Check out the Babycomp on the website.
Lovemaking Tips for Conception
You just need one sperm out of millions to reach and impregnate your fertile egg, so here are some tips to help that process along.
✺ Avoid anything that could alter the natural vaginal environment including saliva or lubricant creams. It is best to also avoid washing with soap immediately before intercourse.
✺ Choose a position in which the woman is lying beneath the man.
✺ Prop your pelvis up with pillows during sex so that the sperm can flow directly into the neck of the uterus.
✺ Avoid standing up during sex.
✺ Lay still with your pelvis propped up after sex.
Avoid Pressure and Frustration
When a couple decides to stop using contraception and try for a baby pressure filled sex can become a serious strain on the relationship. Couples often feel they have to have sex all the time and hope that they will ‘get lucky’ and the sperm will find a vital egg. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable and fun; if it is something on the calendar that you have to get done, it can quickly loose that spark. Moreover, when a man is faced with the pressure to perform, he can often experience erectile dysfunction and a pronounced loss of libido.
As a couple, find your personal balance between child-planning sex and and spontaneous sex outside the fertile phase.
A fertility monitor plays an important role in keeping your sex life relaxed and enjoyable. When you have the information of precisely when you ovulate, you no longer feel the need to have sex all the time; you can plan one or two love making rendezvous during your fertility window, and leave the rest of the month for your natural sex drive to take over.
BABY-COMP To The Rescue
Baby-comp is a device with an integrated digital thermometer that automatically charts your fertility and gives you a clear visual of what days are optimal for baby-making sex.
The Baby-Comp fertility computer assists you in planning your families. Many couples experience much frustration and stress when trying to conceive a baby; especially those with reduced fertility. Joyful expectations may quickly turn to disappointment. In many cases, failure to conceive is not due to an irreversible state of infertility, but rather reduced fertility which may be related to a variety of factors. When a couple has reduced fertility, it is important that sexual intercourse takes place at the time of optimum fertility. Baby-Comp indicates a forthcoming ovulation early and precisely. This allows you to determine both the required days of abstinence, which helps increase the amount and quality of the man`s sperm and the perfect day for sexual intercourse.
Baby-Comp can ease the stress of conceiving by accurately pin-pointing your days of optimum fertility. Most Natural Family Planning methods require an intensive investment of time and effort to acquire results. Baby-Comp invests the time and effort for you! Each Baby-Comp fertility computer is equipped with a database of over 700,000 cycles. The temperature sensor accurately calculates the basal body temperature to 1/100th degree within 1-2 minutes.. Baby-Comp is accurate and reliable with proven results!
All it takes is a few seconds each morning to take your waking temperature. This allows you to plan your love life around your baby wishes, and increases your chances of conceiving dramatically, and also allows for flexibility the rest of the month.
No more guessing ovulation dates or trying to figure out difficult charts. No more sex as a baby-making chore. With one simple device and a few seconds in the morning, you will be in relaxed, excited, and in control as you begin your journey towards parenthood.

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