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You may notice that during irregularity you may have less green-light (infertile) days and more red and yellow light (fertile and learning) days. This is because the monitor will always maintain contraceptive reliability of 99.3% when it indicates to you a green light. On average most women can expect to receive 8-10 red light(fertile days) per cycle. The remainder including menstruation will be green light days, once the monitor becomes personalised to an individuals cycle.
Marcy Holmes of says….
Regular menstrual periods tell you that your hormones are in balance — critical when you realize about 80% of the women we see in our clinic today experience symptoms relating to hormonal imbalance. If not addressed, it can lead to worsening PMS, fatigue and weight gain, as well as increased risk for more serious health issues. In missing early signs of hormonal imbalance, you may also miss the opportunity to find relief.
What is a normal period? Regular vs. irregular
We often hear that the “regular” cycle is 28 days long, and many women’s bodies are like clockwork this way. But a cycle lasting anywhere from 21–36 days, if you’re regular, is also perfectly normal for many women.
Regular menstruation tells you that your body is in homeostasis, making appropriate levels of sex hormones optimal for reproduction. When these hormones are in balance, you feel great, are energetic, sleep well, and take interest in sex. When you’re under constant stress, your hormones become out of balance. An irregular period is one of its first ways of asking for help.
A good naturopath should be able to do specific tests and help get your hormones sorted,
Yes, regular cycles mean less red and yellow days on your ladycomp but more importantly a much happier and healthier you!
Take a look at Dr Sherill Sellmen here talking to Jess Ainscough – wellness warrior – What Women Must Know About Their Hormones

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