Why Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp and Pearly?

Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp and pearly offer 99.3% Reliable Contraception
100% Natural
Pearl index of 0.7, therefore offering the same reliability as the average contraceptive pill
Contains an integrated pregnancy test
Clinically proven to be more reliable than the condom
Clinically proven to be more reliable than IUD’s
A healthy investment for your body and mind
Over 10 years life expectancy
No harmful intervention with your body’s natural rhythms
Supports your body’s natural balance
Tracks your fertility with maximum accuracy
“German Quality” – Built to last
Developed by a team of gynecologists, software specialists, electronic engineers and designers, in Germany
Successful for more than 25 years
Easy to use
Every morning immediately after you waking, you place the thermo-sensor under your tongue for 30-60 seconds
The monitors provide you with an immediate, reliable forecast for the next 24 hours:
● Green means “infertile”
● Red means “fertile”
● Yellow means that the computer is still learning your cycle
The fertility computers require no charting methods which can oftenbe unreliable due complexities, lack of discipline and human error.
The fertility computers require minimum effort with maximum reliability!
No side effects – short term or long term
Non invasive
Less stress on your mind and body
Less mood swings
No risk of weight gain from hormonal interference
No risk of getting pigmentation from hormonal contraceptive measures
Less risk of possible life-threatening illnesses relating to hormonal interferences
Not affected by diarrhoea
No risk involved if you miss your pill!
Less risk of other side-effects relating to the pill or invasive contraceptive measures such as IUD’s – No risk of infection, implantation or bloodcoagulation conditions

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