At Least 20% Experience Irregular Cycles

Fluctuations of the menstrual cycle belong to every woman’s life. Lady-Comp is a progressive device. Meaning it is based on progressive, day-to-day observations of the naturally occurring signs and symptoms of the fertile and infertile phases of each individual menstrual cycle.

Lady-Comp notes the changes associated with ovulation and is thus able to treat each cycle as unique.

Irregular cycles

Cycle irregularities are common, not every woman has a regular cycle. There are many factors that can alter the regularity of the menstrual cycle, including illness, travel, hormonal imbalances, stress, extended partying, sleeplessness, dietary factors, smoking and so on. The computer calculates the future course of the cycle and its corresponding fertility level from the temperature readings that have already been entered. These calculations are made for each individual woman and comprise the typical highs and lows of the temperature curve before and after ovulation. LadyComp analyzes each temperature reading for accuracy. If it detects an abnormal fluctuation it will be ignored and will not influence the calculations of your daily fertility diagnosis.

Cycle influencing factors

The female cycle can be easily thrown out of balance. This can be observed particularly in situations of physical and emotional stress. For many women situations such as an exam or a holiday can delay or even completely suppress menstruation.

What can affect the cycle?

Strict diet, starvation
Competitive sport
Altered circadian rhythm
Emergency situations
Hormonal disorders

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