Listening to your sexual body when starting Lady-Comp

GUEST POST BY Lauren White who is a qualified Sexologist and founder of

It is common knowledge and the experience of many that hormone based contraceptives function to help us feel more relaxed about sex by reducing the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. Yet the pervasive side-effects of low libido and low desire for sex do a lot of the work of avoiding pregnancy…by discouraging us from sex!

If you have just commenced your journey with Lady-Comp, it is natural that your hormones and sexual body are currently in a state of re-calibration as both are actively attempting to regain their balance. This can be tricky and time-consuming work for the body, especially if you have been on contraceptives for many years and feel completely disconnected from your own steady state.

Is this sounding all too familiar? If so I would invite you to ponder this: Are you left wondering what it feels like to feel and to anticipate sex?

Yes! My last memories of feeling physically and psychologically ready for sex date pre-contraceptives (and possibly pre-20’s). I am so out of touch with my body and have been so frustrated!

Frustration is a common feeling that attaches itself to female sexuality so while your body takes the time it needs to get back in sync and as you start to become more intuitive about your natural rhythm, there are some sexual signals that you can begin to look out for:

-Dreams about sexual and sexual desire. If an orgasm accompanies your sleep or you have one on waking, it is possible that your body is letting you know that these feelings still exist and that they are looking to be released.

-Increased lubrication and blood flow to your genitals, particularly around ovulation and the first half of your luteal phase as this is when testosterone surges occur. For some women, the days leading up to menstruation generate a lot of arousal.

-Feeling more excited about the prospect and idea of sex with your partner. Looking forward to the sensations and motions that accompany your sexual style together.

-Increasing interest and/or response to sexual scenes in film, art and literature. Try and immerse your imagination in these experiences.

-Daytime fantasising about what you find erotic or sexual – letting your desires run free in your mind. Remember that no one else can see in there!

-Wanting to access your wild side again. If you are wondering how do this; have a think about whether healthy, consensual sex will permit you to let go in a way that expresses this primitive energy.

Your sexual body is still active and is often looking for your attention but certain states of being have conditioned us to turn our senses to the OFF switch. Lady-Comp gives us the opportunity to listen to our body again and to follow our natural yearnings to be connected and energised through our sexuality. This is the ultimate form of empowerment as a woman as we are permitted the chance to follow our bodies lead whilst making conscious choices about the path we are destined to take.

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