Men Find Hormone-Free Women More Attractive

Non Hormonal = More Attractive

n addition to being kinder to your body and the environment by going hormone free, new research shows that women who practice natural contraception appear more attractive to men than those who use hormonal contraception. How’s that for a nice bonus! Studies by British researchers, Alexandra Alvergne and Virpi Lummaa indicate that it is specifically during the ovulation period that a women is seen as most attractive.

Romance Is Blossoming

Ovulation is that time of month when the body releases an egg ready for fertilization, in an attempt to create new life. It seem like the primal instincts that prompt the body, in both men and women, to focus on mating and attracting a partner, kick into higher gear during the time that ovulation is occurring.

Alvergne and Lummaa emphasis that a women’s facial features, smell, and voice undergo slight variations throughout the different stages of the menstruation cycle. During the fertile phase, at the same time as ovulation, these characteristics have a particularly alluring effect on men as both men and women are programmed to know that this is the time to get busy and start reproducing.

Women during their fertile phase also tend to find themselves more attractive, and have higher self confidence, and as a result put more effort into their appearance and dress. The combination of women with the extra instinctive push to look their best, and the natural increase in seductiveness, creates the perfect opportunity for romance to blossom.

Using this knowledge, imagine how you could use your time wisely knowing when men will most instinctively be drawn towards you. Natural contraception keeps your hormonal balance in place allowing the increase in electricity between the sexes to occur. Now all you have to do is chart your fertility so you know in advance when you are ovulating and are most likely to have men desiring to approach you.

Feel Better About Yourself

During the fertile phase, women also tend feel better about themselves. However, practicing hormonal contraception alters the hormonal balance to a permanently infertile phase. This suppresses the cyclical high of both the positive self-perception and the positive way in which they are perceived by others. Without this monthly high, many women using hormonal contraception suffer negative psychological effects. Woman who practice natural, hormone-free contraception on the other hand, are able to utilize and enjoy this monthly high and often experience an increased level of confidence as a result.

Getting Started With Natural Birth Control

The Sympto-Thermal method of natural birth control is the most effective way of accurately identifying the fertile time period so that you can make the necessary contraceptive decisions for during that time. The manual method of charting involves a paper and pen exercise of recording daily temperature readings on a chart and joining the dots, then applying a few formula and a few rules to predict when ovulation might occur. Manual charting can be confusing, so we recommend speaking with your doctor or a Natural Family Planning expert before you begin.

There is a high tech and super simple alternative to manual charting. Contraceptive monitors like Ladycomp take all the confusing numbers and charting out of Fertility Awareness, and do the work for you. Ladycomp is a very simple, yet effective device with a built in thermometer that will clearly pinpoint your fertile times. No hard work, and no hormones necessary.

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