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Looking for natural birth control? Lady-Comp and Pearly provide enormous health benefits by maintaining natural body functions. This avoids side effects associated with hormonal birth controls such as the pill, which stops ovulation and thus reduces progesterone production! This reduction in progesterone contributes to estrogen dominance. Another example is hormone injections which contain a synthetic form of progesterone known as provera. Unfortunately this synthetic version blocks the natural bio-identical progesterone pathway, resulting in massive hormonal interference and break out bleeding for many women, which can have lasting effects for up to 2 years or longer in some cases, from the last injection date. Using Natural birth control such as Lady-Comp or Pearly can help you avoid these problems, and Naturopaths specialising in fertility and hormone balancing can also provide information, products and counseling to help correct menstrual cycle irregularities as well as provide help with PMS, fertility and menopause.
Lady-Comp and Pearly also help to protect progesterone levels thus reducing the risk of “estrogen dominance”, a leading contributor to many auto-immune illnesses, including a documented 66% increased risk of breast cancer. In fact, some studies have concluded that E2 the most potent type of estrogen, should be included on the list of known cancer-causing carcinogens. Estrogen dominance also plays a roll in disrupting normal menstruation and/or ovulation. Do you have an irregular menstrual cycle with infrequent menstruation or ovulation? There is a very strong possibility that your irregular menstrual cycle can be addressed by first measuring your hormone levels with a saliva test and then based on the results, balancing your hormones using high quality natural products. To optimize Lady-Comp and Pearly’s operation, any suspected hormone imbalance, such as an irregular menstrual cycle, should be investigated and corrected before starting use of Lady-Comp or Pearly.
No woman needs to burden her health and her sex life with contraceptive measures every day of her menstrual cycle when there are just six days–the five days before ovulation and the day after–on which she can become pregnant. Lady-Comp and Pearly have been programmed to identify the exact time when ovulation takes place. The reliability of a method of contraception is calculated according to the Pearl Index: if 100 women use a method of contraception for one year, and one of them becomes pregnant, it has a Pearl Index of 1.0. Lady-Comp and Pearly are computers, and their daily fertility displays corresponds to a Pearl Index of 0.7.
Clinically Tested and Registered on the ARTG
Prof. Dr. G. Freundl is Senior Consultant at the Gynecological Clinic of the Municipal Hospital in Dusseldorf. Here’s an excerpt from his test report on Lady-Comp and Pearly: “Because the device takes a large number of particular situations into account, I believe that it is a very good and highly recommendable alternative for couples who feel at home with modern equipment and prefer to keep interference in their natural body functions to an absolute minimum.”
Function: Once a day, immediately upon waking up, place the Lady-Comp or Pearly sensor under your tongue for 30-60 seconds to take your temperature. An acoustic beep will sound when complete. Look at the display: a green indicator means infertile; a red indicator means fertile. (There is also a yellow indicator which only appears when you first start to use Lady-Comp or Pearly or after long breaks.)
Easy to Use: When you take Lady-Comp or Pearly out of its original packaging, the year, date and time have already been set. You just have to enter the time that you want to be woken up and you are ready to begin the very next day. Lady-Comp fits into any handbag, circular in shape, it has a diameter of 5.5 inches (14 cm) and is 1¼ inches thick (3 cm). Pearly is even smaller and lighter, Oval in shape, approximately 2½ inches wide x 4 inches long (7×10 cm), thickness 1 inch (2.5 cm). Both devices operate using a built-in battery. The battery in Lady-Comp can easily be recharged every 28 days by simply plugging Lady-Comp into the wall. Wall plugs for recharging are available for all international locations. The battery in Pearly last 12 – 24 months. A battery level warning will appear from time to time to advise you of the battery power level. When the indicator displays BA01, it’s time to replace the battery.
The Investment Pays Off! Once you have invested in Lady-Comp or Pearly, that’s it! There are no regular monthly consumable costs. Additionally, these modern electronic devices have a long life-span, and will last for many years. So, as long as contraception is necessary there is no reason to stop using the device. By the way, Lady-Comp can be upgraded to Baby-Comp if you wish at a later date to help with family planning.
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