Prepare for the Future with NFP Australia’s Natural Family Planning Methods:

Natural Family Planning = Contraception or Natural Birth Control

“Making love can be the most beautiful thing in the world, but for that I need a natural birth control I can rely on and which will not interfere with my health or love life. I found this with NFP and I can now fully surrender myself to the joys of love making.”

Natural Family Planning = Being as healthy as possible

“I am a health conscious person and I know what to do to stay healthy and in tune with my body. I exercise, I eat well and I enjoy a fulfilling sex life – this is only possible as long as I do not have to be afraid of an unwanted pregnancy … AND if nothing interferes with my health.”

Natural Family Planning = Planning to get pregnant.

“Life is taking its course and your relationship is wonderful but a child is missing to make it all complete. But what to do when the dream of a happy family just won‘t come true?”

Natural Family Planning = Knowing if you are pregnant

“I was eager to find out, preferably immediately. I already had the feeling that I was pregnant but to get the confirmation by Baby-Comp after the 15th day was an indescribable feeling. I was thrilled!”

Natural Family Planning with Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp and Pearly.

We want you to have all the information required to look over and contemplate before making this important decision about your Family planning with one of these devices.

Like they say, “Timing is Everything”. Planning your Intimacy!

In a recent study in America, 276 women who had experienced troubles conceiving, but then began using an Ovulation Calendar and Menstrual Cycle calculator were surveyed. 50% of these women conceived after a month or one menstrual cycle of using an Ovulation Calendar and Menstrual Cycle calculator to monitor their fertility.

After only three menstrual cycles, 90% of the women had successfully conceived.
On average, a woman would have already spent in the vacinity of $6,500 on fertility treatments, and in some cases even up to $150,000.

Over 60% of these women had already received treatment elsewhere, opening up their bodies to often harmful and expensive procedures like hormone treatments or artificial insemination.

Much of this anxiety and despair can be prevented, by practicing Natural Family Planning, observing your cycle and using this information to take advantage of the days when you are fertile.

Coinciding intimacy with your partner around your most fertile days will increase the chances and possibly insure that your dream soon becomes your reality.