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Ladycomp Baby, for the Lady who wants simplicity, is trying or knows she will try to get pregnant one day, and would like all available Ladycomp planning technology at her fingertips and immediate access to her Menstrual Cycle Data!


The Lady-Comp fertility monitor is for taking your basal body temperature, with which women can identify their fertile periods. This is shown on a visual screen display. The calculation of the fertility period is based on the orally taken morning temperature, using the very sensitive integrated temperature sensor, the results are then stored and automatically analysed. Along with the manual input of menstruation and with the Ladycomp Baby, sexual intercourse, these devices are used to determine the fertile and infertile phases of the cycle, in which the calculations can be used to plan or prevent pregnancy. The Ladycomp Baby has additional functions which indicate the optimal time for pregnancy planning, gender prognosis and the calculation of the conception and birth date.


This model will allow you to do everything. You can use it for contraception if you’re not ready to get pregnant, then when you want to try for a baby, you can turn on the Gender prediction system, begin entering when you have sexual intercourse at ovulation time and start planning. In the picture on this page, have a look at some of the displays you will see, especially the ones relating to Cycle and Planning statistics. As with all the Next Generation models, you can now easily change the batteries at home, or recharge the existing ones with one of the battery chargers from accessories, plus at anytime you can access the Valley Electronics Data analysis system via the Data Analysis portal at the top right of our website page/s. It also comes with a leather carry case for travelling.


Size: Approx 9cm diameter & 2.7cm high
Weight: 130g with batteries
Battery System: 2 x Micro AAA NiMH Rechargable batteries. Use of AAA 1.5V batteries is possible. (Battery charger is available from our Accessories area)
Data Print out and analysis: Via the supplied USB cable, with most PC’s, Laptops and many tablet computers

Gives you a daily fertility display
Shows the day of ovulation
Displays your temperature reading and cycle day
Menstruation when entered
Displays past fertility up to 360 days
Displays your predicted fertility for the next 6 days

The monthly cycle calendar shows your fertility over the past months
It displays the predicted menstruation times for the next 6 months

Shows your average cycle length
Gives your temperature gradient in a graph display
Provides fluctuation of ovulation in days
Average length of your Luteal phase (High level after ovulation)
Your number of cycles with no ovulation (Monophasic cycles)
CLI % – Corpus Luteum Insufficiency
Planning hits over 20 cycles (Attempts for conception)
Personal Notes

Input of Sexual Intercourse
Gender Prediction (Boy or a Girl)
Possible pregnancy display after 4-5 days
Probably pregnancy displayed after 15 days
Confirmed pregnancy displayed after 18 days
Conception date and birth date prediction

Pearl Index = 0.7 or 99.3%

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