Next Gen Ladycomp Basic


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“For ‘ALL’ Ladies! Especially those who simply want to know when they are Fertile or Not! They want REALLY SIMPLE birth control with out all the bells and whistles and completely FREE from any harmful effects on their bodies!”


The Lady-Comp intelligent fertility computer is a battery operated mini computer for taking your basal body temperature, with which a woman can identify their fertile periods. This is displayed on a visual display. The calculation of the fertility period is based upon the orally-taken morning temperature, using the integrated temperature sensor, with the results stored and automatically analyzed. Along with the manual input of menstruation, these devices are used to determine the fertile and infertile phases of the cycle, in which the calculations can be used to plan or prevent pregnancy.


This model will provide your daily fertility status the same as the Next Gen Ladycomp and Ladycomp Baby. It does not provide any cycle statistics, but will indicate if there is a pregnancy after 15 days confirmed after 18. You can still download your data via our Data Analysis portal in the grey box at the top right hand side of our website page. As opposed to the Classic models, you do not need to return the Next Gen models for new batteries, they are easily changed by you at home. It also has a leather case for travel.


Size: Approx. 9cm diameter, 2.7cm high
Weight: Approx. 130 g with batteries
Housing: Impact resistant acrylic plastic
Battery System: 2 x Micro AAA NiMH Rechargable batteries. Use of AAA 1.5v batteries also possible. (Battery Charger can be purchased from our Accessories)
Battery Replacement: Easily changed by the user
Data Print Out and Analysis: Use the supplied USB with most PC’s, Laptops and many tablet computers
Clinically Tested Pearl Index Rating: 0.7

Daily Fertility Display
Display of ovulation
Temperature reading display and cycle day
Menstruation display
Displays Past Fertility information for 120 days.
Displays Predicted fertility over the next 6 days.

Displays probable pregnancy after 15 days
Displays confirmed pregnancy after 18 days

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