Stop the Pill, Use the Ladycomp, Check your after Pill Symptoms and Rev up your Thyroid!

“Why for so many symptoms rear their ugly head once you STOP taking the pill? Acne, amenorrhea, hair loss, mood swings – these are commonly complained about when coming off the pill. Now my logical brain tells me there are two main reasons this happens;
1. The hormone switch has been ‘off’ for so long, the body suddenly has to fire back up again – but because it is so hormonally depleted, it just can’t get the balance of hormones right. You’re body has been full of synthetic oestrogen! For some, relearning how to make it again is super tricky. Low oestrogen with relative androgen excess resulting in excess testosterone has been associated with hair loss. This is also because…
2. Whilst on the pill your body has been starved. Essential vitamins and minerals just can’t be utilised by the gut (since the pill has the same affect as antibiotics) nor can the body adequately store them – you’re so far behind the 8 ball, it looks like a tiny dot at the other end of a very big billiards table! It’s also had synthetic oestrogen being pumped in – and so it’s not used to making its own. It has to relearn. And this is when your thyroid comes in.
The thyroid is the master controller of your body when it comes to hormone regulation. Hair loss is also a key symptom that they thyroid isn’t working and so naturally my brain screams – fix your thyroid people! The thyriod is generally the cause of most hormonal issues – but please know, not all blood tests will reflect this and so sifting through some key signs and symptoms that your thyroid is bung may be the real key to treating the cause.
Other symptoms include:
– weight gain around the mid section
– cold hands and feet
– dry skin
– constipation
– poor memory
– depression
So how do you actually fix that?
Balancing hormones is key to all areas of health – especially when your body is screaming out to you by way of hair loss or acne. Testosterone is necessary for women but in small amounts – it’s required for us to go on and make our other hormones. But if it is in excess it can lead to a whole other situation of excess hair. Using other clues to piece together the puzzle is key to make a definite diagnosis – but by the same token if you can decode what your body is sharing with you by way of symptoms and apply some diet and lifestyle changes – you may easily be back on tract to holding onto your precious locks.
You need to rev up your thyroid! There are some simple things you can adapt to your lifestyle to assist in doing so. In a nut shell, increasing progesterone is key. Whilst some practitioners are mad for progesterone cream, I like to suggest diet and lifestyle changes that can benefit. Here are my top 7 suggestions to have your thyroid firing.
1. Maca. It’s an adaptan – therefore I has your body respond to what it needs. If your thyroid is under-active (hypothyroidism), it helps to fire it up or if it is over active (hyperthyroidism) it helps to decrease its activity. How clever? Maca is a superfood from Peru. There are mixed ideas about maca. Personally I love it. I’ve spoken about it before here.
2. Coconut butter/oil. You know I’m mad for the stuff. It helps to fire up your metabolism, it’s full of good fats which are essential for fueling your hormones and it helps the but work better. It’s another lover of mine and a huge feature in my ebooks.
3.. Adequate levels of Selenium, Magnesium and Vitamin A keep your thyroid in check. Get onto that one stat.
4. Exercise is important to stimulate the body and the thyroid – this is especially important to those who are stressed. Oh and sleep – that’s another good healer. Those two will help to sort out those cortisol levels and support prolactin.
5. Eat little and often. Keeping things chugging along is the key for those with a sluggish thyroid. They (or should I say we – because I’m one of these people) require that extra kick to the metabolism – so regular eating is key.
Of course sometimes things need a little more tweaking and that is where I step in. If you adapt these changes and feel you still need more assistance, your natural health practitioner is your go to person. Of course I also offer online consultations too!
Just having one or more of these symptoms is enough for you to suspect thyroid issues – so start with these simple ideas” By Nat Kringoudis. (She’s amazing)

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