About Us

Australian distributor NFP (Aust.) Pty Ltd

We are a wholly owned Australian family company passionate about women’s health. We seek to find and distribute the best products in the world that provide natural fertility and related solutions. Here at NFP, it is our goal to provide you with professional technical support and simply great customer care.

We believe Daysy and Lady-Comp to be the most accurate, user friendly, clinically tested natural fertility management solutions on the market, loved by thousands of women around the world for over 30 years.

We are here to support you on your natural fertility journey so please reach out to us anytime.

Valley Electronics

With over 30 years’ experience in natural fertility management, Valley Electronics GmbH was established in late 1986 by Dr Hubertus Rechberg. The company is headquartered in Murnau, Germany. The vision and purpose of the company was the first family planning computer in the world, the Baby-Comp.

After that time, a team of gynaecologists, software specialists, electronics engineers, and designers have been regularly working on and involved in improving the fertility computers.

All computers are now ISO-certified, and the monitors are also registered in Australia on the ARTG as a Class 11b Medical Device.

Over the course of time, Valley Electronics GmbH has developed a worldwide network of distribution partners, and we here at NFP Australia are the authorised Australian distributors of these devices.

In 1997, independent experts assessed the effectiveness and efficiency of the products. With a Pearl Index of 0.7 the monitors are arguably the world’s smartest fertility computers and the most effective birth control methods on the market, for any woman or family wanting to use Natural Family Planning.

The Daysy Fertility Monitor is the latest invention of the Valley Electronics family, this time coming from its Swiss subsidiary, home to Natalie Rechberg, company owner and daughter of the Lady-Comp “inventor” Dr. Hubertus Rechberg.

Natalie wanted more than to just follow in the footsteps of her father. With the Daysy Fertility Monitor and the Swiss and U.S. subsidiaries under her reign she is going completely her own way. “A company that creates products for women,” she says, “must be women and, above all, family friendly.  Having my own company, I’d like to go a little further, and continue to set new standards for the entire industry.”

Another important criterion at the heart of all activities at Valley Electronics is the product quality. Here, only the best is good enough! All fertility cycle monitors are manufactured exclusively in Germany and only the highest quality materials are used for this purpose, helping all VE computers to an exceptionally long life.

“Our company concept is more than meets the eye. We do not want to move our production to places, where working conditions are non-transparent and thus inconsistent with our ethical principles. Using cheap and toxic plastic is also not an option. Therefore, there is more than one good reason to have our fertility monitor devices made in Germany on fair terms and with high quality materials.”

We know you will love Lady-Comp and Daysy. It is a long process from product conception to having a device in your hand, but we know it is well worth the expenditure of time and money. We understand that the reliability of Daysy and Lady-Comp is of principal importance to our users, and we continuously strive to go beyond what is required.

Women all over the world have made the decision to be more body literate, become more informed about hormonal birth control and what goes into their bodies and the effects that has. Fertility computer such as Lady-Comp and Daysy help women get to know their bodies again and track their fertility naturally for whatever purpose that may be.