Who can use Daysy and Lady-Comp?

Generally, our fertility monitors can be used from a sexually mature age right up until menopause.

  • For women who do not want to take hormones or are not allowed to take hormonal contraceptives.
  • For every woman who wants to be in tune with her body
  • For women who have side effects from birth control
  • For every woman trying to conceive.
  • For women who have just had a baby
  • For women who had chemotherapy, breast cancer, cervical cancer.
  • For women who suffer from low libido.
  • For women with diabetes.
  • For women with depression.
  • For women with risk of thrombosis.
  • For women with high blood pressure.
  • For women with liver disease.
  • For women with migraines.
  • For women with thyroid dysfunction.
  • For women with weakened immune system.
  • For women who are breastfeeding.

Please note that Daysy and Lady-Comp do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Please reach out to our support staff if you are on any medication or have any medical conditions which affect basal body temperature or ovulation and we can best advise you.

Fluctuations in cycles are very normal and Lady-Comp and Daysy will be able to handle these variances. However, for women who have cycles longer than a few months they are advised to seek support with a natural therapies practitioner to regulate their cycles prior to measuring with Lady-Comp or Daysy.

Please reach out to our support team info@lady-comp.com.au if you are unsure if Lady-Comp or Daysy is right for you.