Ladycomp and Daysy features

Which fertility monitor is right for me?

Lady-Comp and Daysy are the same in that they are both stand-alone fertility monitors that use the same algorithm to calculate your daily status of fertility, so both can tout 99.3% effectiveness.

However, where they mainly differ is in their display. Daysy shows you your daily fertility status (red, green, or yellow) on the device but can also sync to her companion app, DaysyView, to view your extended cycle details. DaysyView is currently available for iOS7 and above devices as well as Android.

DaysyView will show a calendar view, temperature curve, cycle statistics, ask the experts link, FAQs and links to our video tutorials. You can either send messages to your partner from your DaysyView or have him download his own partner only DaysyView app.

Daysy uses a common CR2032 battery, available at most locations where batteries are sold, that lasts approximately 2 years. Daysy has the advantage of having a sleek, more modern design and the ability to take your temperature at any time (after the appropriate amount of sleep) without needing to set a time window. Temperature values are displayed on the temperature curve in daysyView as well as the .csv data file that you can email to yourself and open with excel if needed. You can also contact support to have a fertility report created and emailed to you, your partner, or your physician. This report shows your fertility data in a variety of ways to help you better understand your cycle. Your data is always stored on days herself, daysyView is used to display the data. Within daysyView, you have the option to store data online or not. If you turn this feature on, the data is uploaded to our private and secure server. DasysyView can also tell you when to try to conceive a boy versus a girl if you indicate within the app that you are specifically looking to conceive.

Lady-Comp, on the other hand, displays your temperature readings and other cycle details on the actual device. By navigating through the on-screen menu, you can view your temperature curve, cycle statistics, and calendar view. Lady-Comp has an integrated alarm that is used to set or change the time window in which to record your temperature. Lady-Comp runs on 2 AAA batteries, either standard or rechargeable. Lady-Comp can also be upgraded with planning software for those women who are specifically trying to conceive. The planning software offers the ability to track sexual intercourse data, gender prediction, and expected birth date calculation as well as early pregnancy confirmation (Daysy can also be used to conceive and offer gender prediction, but it will not currently use sexual intercourse data to calculate an early pregnancy confirmation). Lady-Comp also allows you to connect to your computer via an included USB cable and create a pdf of your fertility report using the portal on our website to see your data in a larger scale.

Both Daysy and Lady-Comp will predict future fertility statuses as well as menstruations. Both devices (with the help of DaysyView) also allow you to enter personal notes on a day, but Lady-Comp only allows you to choose from 6 (which you set yourself), whereas DaysyView allows you to type in whatever you choose. Both devices have a 2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.